What's in the box?

Post from Japan is still one of my favourite things to wake up to. This parcel has been a long time coming and
I was very excited to get inside. I've been searching for Shakotan Boogie books ever since I first read about them here back in 2007 and more recently here. Luckily for me, I have a friend in Japan and together we have been on the hunt for a full set of the Shakotan Boogie books. Finally we found a set for a good price and bought them.
After waiting patiently for them to arrive, I opened the box this morning to discover my friend had popped in a surprise Drift Tengoku magazine for me too. Thanks Minami!

I'm so happy with them! And don't think it would be too bold to say that these could be the only copies and very possibly, the only full set of these rare books in the UK!

Oh and my favourites from the Drift Tengoku magazine..

A C34 looking rather cool on 15"s

Flush and tuck on this R32..

The Tengoku R32 looking as good as ever..

..and some (hey they ain't too shabby) dori gals! :D