A classier standard of burnout...


pic via Stanceworks FB


Following on from Matt's last post – some more big girls who like it rough.

Stay classy

VIP? Check.

Drifted? Check.

Abused? Check.

Pictures taken by Powervehicles.com at Minami.

I'm not even sure what the black car is! But I know what I like, and I like that car!


I'm in love with cafe racers at the moment. I love the look, the noise and the style.

I want one to ride every day.

This one has a one-off frame, an RSV-R engine and other components that fit the look from various superbikes.

The guy on it is for Billy, I know he loves a picture of someone in a funny helmet and facial hair!

Whore door

There's a new arrival at Oblivion Towers.

I picked this 328 up from a friend a few weeks ago, my first E36 and I love it! Full leather, coil-overs, welded 325 diff and E34 BBS wheels.

I've got no real plans other than to go to the Buxton weekender being run by DriftOne, rub some walls and see the D-town kids again as its been too long.