Props due

I had a bit of a rummage through the analytics of the site yesterday only to discover some very nice surprises! Some like-minded blogs on the other side of the planet have very kindly added links to Sweet Oblivion on there sites which in turn has sent a lot of friendly browsers our way. I'd thoroughly recommend you give these guys a click and have a rummage through some very SO approved eye candy and content.

Street Karnage   /   NICE VIBE   /   Hiroshima Screamer

Including some more of the rather tasty two-tone Silvia I posted a couple of days ago...

"Yes officer, that is a JZ under the bonnet."


Served straight up. OOF.

Laurels on 15"s

Prompted by these pics that popped up on shirtstuckedin...

I had a rummage through my archive to find these...

Matsuri Silvias

A couple of Silvias from the recent Queensland Matsuri that caught my eye.

Small wheels and side-skirts works for us!


We'll let that jank rear fitment slide.

A happy place

image via danielbridlephoto

Keep it sweet

Two MA celica/supras from down under could well be Sweet Oblivion poster boys. Love 'em!

2 door perfection

super clean, fast, low and loud. perfect!

images via beeoneoneoh