I literally Ooof'd out loud when this picture loaded up on screen. A set of Stanceworks limited run super low e36 coilovers being put to very good use.. Good work sirs!

Maximum gangsta

So much love for Mitsuru Haruguchi and the boys at 326 Power! Accepting nothing less than hard slammed for all their cars. Their trick suspension parts that keep things working as close to how they should be.. have me drooling.


Some gorgeous shots from Beeoneoneoh documenting his recent visit to Japan.

Rocky Auto really does look like my idea of heaven.

These shots are from a recent visit by the Fatlace boys.


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In case you were wondering..

..this is Sweet Oblivion.

Polar opposites

A great shot from Phil Morrison of his latest acquisition. Styling wise I don't think we'll have anything to worry about with Paz on guard at DW HQ. What I'm looking forward to is seeing Phil drive it. It'll be great to see him go maximum attack in this. He's not exactly shy in the bazzillon HP DW S15.

So, I looked up win in the dictionary..

..and this is what I found.

Cool cars and great shots from Daniel Bridle taken at a recent track day at Malory Park, UK.

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As I sat upon the throne this morning, flicking through a copy of G-Works, I stumble upon this funky old piece of J-Tin..

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Long time... post!

I've started a new job and have been staying with my girlfriend and her family in Leeds and haven't been able to get online so much. I'm moving into my own place this week and wont have the internet for a while yet so to make it up to Billy I've dug through my old photos from way back when. The dawn of UKD1 and the UK's first drifters.

Say hello to Option Motorsport...

These pics were taken at the second round of the UKD1 champs, 2004 I think.

This white S13 originally belonged to Kiki, the man who brought drifting to the uk. It was the first properly drift spec car in the UK and was owned by loads of people after Kiki sold it. He didn't own it in when this picture was taken, anyone know who did?

At the time of these pictures Kiki was driving, and drifting, this awesome NSX. He chose this for the challenge of drifting a mid engined car and to promote his tuning company.

Was this the first S15 in the UK? Post up if you know!

The last car here wasn't an Option motorsport car but belonged to Mitto. This car was the base for his famous strawberry faced S14 that did the rounds a couple of years ago.

We don't know how lucky we are to be in the position we are to day with championships and practice days. These were simpler times but just as fun.

Send us your pics of the early days of UK drifting on our facebook page, we'd love to see them!

Boxy, but good.

A musical interlude..

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Ha! Love it. Looking forward to seeing this.



I'm lovin' the funny touches in this video from the latest Fatlace event.

Draw me rollin'

One of many awesome pages from my recently acquired Shakotan Boogie books.. What's in the box?

Picture me rollin'

Camera and car in motion make for my absolute favorite kind of shot. Without realising I've built up quite a big collection of them. These are the best of them, Enjoy! (The last two are my own from a road trip with Matt a while back, check out the old SO logo!)