In case you were wondering..

..this is Sweet Oblivion.

Polar opposites

A great shot from Phil Morrison of his latest acquisition. Styling wise I don't think we'll have anything to worry about with Paz on guard at DW HQ. What I'm looking forward to is seeing Phil drive it. It'll be great to see him go maximum attack in this. He's not exactly shy in the bazzillon HP DW S15.

So, I looked up win in the dictionary..

..and this is what I found.

Cool cars and great shots from Daniel Bridle taken at a recent track day at Malory Park, UK.

Fancy winning yourself a Sweet Oblivion T-Shirt?

As I sat upon the throne this morning, flicking through a copy of G-Works, I stumble upon this funky old piece of J-Tin..

Even I'm stumped as to what it is. So to win yourself a T-shirt this month all you need to do is identify it.. because it's driving me nuts LOL. The first correct answer posted on the Sweet Oblivion facebook page.. wins!