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Do Work

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SO Proud

Some great shots from this weekends drifting at Lydden Hill, and such a buzz to see Marc rocking his very own Huxley 2012 tee, designed and made by us. A limited run of these very special tees are available to buy now from our online shop, and remember! All profits go to Marc and the running of his SR20 KE70 Corolla during the 2012 drift season – a truly unique way to show your support for you favourite car and driver!

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Photos and full event report over at Speedhunters.

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Huxley 2012

A little while back I was trying to think of a way a tiny independent company like ourselves could help support a drift driver and his car. Everything we do at Sweet Oblivion is in-house and hands on. The design, print, post and promotion. If we don't do it, it doesn't get done. We're in it for the love. Much the same as any drifter competing out there. Skill and dedication makes a great driver, hard work and cold cash are what keeps a drift car on track. So how can we help? We're not a big energy drink brand with thousands of pounds to throw around...

So the idea of a fan shirt born. We take care of what we do best; design, print and post the shirts. You guys get a cool shirt that shows your support for your favourite driver and car. And all profits are passed on to the driver and his car for the drift season ahead. A cool way to support your favourite grassroots car and driver huh?!

We immediately got in touch with our favourite driver and car in competition here in the UK, Marc Huxley. He loved the idea and the design. So get involved and show some love. The Huxley 2012 tee is available for pre-order from our online shop now!


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Prime Meat

It seems I've been collecting pics from this meet since forever! Some of these pics are bouncing about on Facebook right now so thought I'd share the ones I've managed to find. The pics are years old but what is so cool about them is that every car is white, old and awesome, making them just about the coolest gang of cars ever.

If anyone else has found any more pics from this meet, please share them on the Sweet Oblivion Facebook page. I'll send out some free stickers to those that do post new unique pics!

**UPDATE** Additional pics below from sticker winners! Keep 'em coming people! Every new unique photo from this meet posted on the Sweet Oblivion Facebook page wins a free sticker!


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That B210

This Sunny is my favourite car on the internets right now. The colour, the Riverside Stars, the odd but nice tight fit of the mirrors with plenty of lows... OOF!

All images via Beeoneoneoh.

Maximum Badass

I'm not sure you could squeeze much more badass into this photo.

Too Much Jibe

Porn #2

Back even harder. DOUBLE OOF!

Porn #1

Cosmic Reverie

I'm mesmerised by this vision in red. It's random designs details like this that make me love old school Japanese cars... what ever made them think to wind the chrome around the window like this? I love it.

Fantastic shots as always from firm favourite of ours HIGHTOPFADE.

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A MZ11 is at the top of my most wanted boxy Toyotas list. And this scruffy, low one hooning about on Focus Racing wheels, is my new favourite from the depths of the internets.