A MZ11 is at the top of my most wanted boxy Toyotas list. And this scruffy, low one hooning about on Focus Racing wheels, is my new favourite from the depths of the internets.

Bloody Hooligans!

To all my killers and my hundred dollar billers!

Remember that picture of two Russian henchmen hanging out of a grime stained Benz holding pistols?

Well the guys over at The Chronicles thought it was cool and made thier own comedy tribute as, being Americans, they have access to guns and cool cars. I thought it was funny, although loads of people thought they were being serious and the hate began.

Anyway, anyone rocking a pistol with a scope is ok in my book!

Pop quiz! Which song does the title come from?

Bargain Badass

Widen your 12' steelies, poke with the low stick, add some detail to the tyres. Winner, winner, bargain bucket chicken dinner!