A hankerin' for a hoon

I haz one.

You can read a little more about the 4AGE KP Starlet above via the excellent garage4ag.

And the beauty below is Callum Gooding's KP Starlet. Also red. Also 4AG. Also awesome.

Lovely to see proper fitment! 13×7 and 13×8 Hayashi Streets wrapped in 165/55R13 if yer wondering.

Why did I ever sell my KP Starlet? Because I'm an idiot.


Oops haha. I literally made sex noises when this Z10 series popped up on my screen at work.

Don't ask me why but they are by far my favourite Toyota flavour box. I really should just save up some pennies and get one imported.


He talks about "Stella" in the interview, here's the beautiful beast in motion..

Team HDO's SR RA28

OOF! By far and away my favourite car in D1!

Catch me if you can

LOVE the chase shots in this. So much energy!