She sounds fat

My idea of what a Porsche was and the kind of person who'd own one stems from a childhood memory of a friend of my Dad, Ray. Ray worked with my Dad in the same graphic design house he was, hanging on to the last threads of the eighties dream with his slicked back hair, leather jacket, chasing and charming anything young in a skirt in the office and always driving a porker.. basically Quagmire in human form. Haha! His and my ideas of all a Porsche could be, could not be from further from what we see here.

Any self respecting petrol head will be familiar with the frankly BADASS cars that Rauh Welt build over in Japan and will have certainly had there OOF gland tickled by the Natty Dread.

I stumbled upon this particular Porsche in a set of pictures from a Rauh Welt customer car meet in Japan. I can't fault it at all. The styling, that seems so simple, is perfectly executed, and tells you it's all business underneath. Anyway.. less talk, more pork.


Risky in the desert

Randomly a new ASB09 video appears from the Risky Devil boys. Kinda late, haha! But it's actually one of the best videos that have come out of the event. The sweltering heat is a huge contrast to the video of Mr Smith below. The good tunes, cool cars and the fact it is plenty long is certainly enough to make me wish it was summer again.

Mr Smith

A godfather of UK drifting takes his daily for a drive on a lovely, sunny, British spring day.

a seven's deadly sin: Anger

I've been all over the internet searching for more of this beast. It's so bloody gangster! And it sounds so angry.

Nice to see it kicking it with Rusty too.

If only it was manual too, then it would be perfect. Hopefully the owner has plans to do so.


I am. I must be. I never had feelings for a Civic before.

Proper wheels. Proper engine. Nice height, clean paint, a sprinkling of silly stickers.. I even kinda like the carbon bits. I'm going to the doctors tomorrow. Bloody thing had me up till silly o'clock and all over the internet looking for pictures of it too.

Ghetto Vent-oh no

A few weeks ago I met up again with Bryce, friend of SO and owner of the super slammed Vento we featured last year. I'd not seen him, or the car for ages, and I wasn't expecting its new look.

The first striking mods are to the front lights. After blacking them out with tinting film, Bryce found that the headlights were shocking, so a set of HIDs were fitted.

Next up were some new shoes. These ATC split rims came to Bryce in a bad way, but a refurb and some paint soon had them looking fresh. The new wheels also raised the car 7.5mm (really, he measured!) so he lowered it back down to how it was before. The final, and not so noticeable, mod is a pair of front wings to replace the battered originals. As the wheels used to catch, these were flared before paint to ensure no scrubbing.

Only a few days after finishing the new look, Bryce was out and about when he was cut up by another driver. Both he and the car in front took avoiding action, but sadly Bryce ran into the other innocent car.

I've not seen Bryce since he sent me these pictures, but the last I heard was that the car was written off.

RIP Ghetto Vent-low.

Best of ye olde JTuner #1

issue #1 June 2005

Once upon a JTuner..

After a spot of spring cleaning (tidying up various junk I was fed up tripping over) I literally stumbled upon all my old JTuner magazines. JTuner was a very decent magazine in it's day. So much so, with out realising I managed to collect every issue except the last. A full set must be a bit of a rare thing today, and maybe even a bit of a collectors item.

I thinking I might do a regular segment from these, and perhaps a best car from each issue kinda thing.