The cool kids

My favourites from JDM Allstars yesterday.

BeeoneoneOH MAMA!

some of the best looking cars out there doing what they do.


Sweet Oblivion Tees available now!

Yep! The super limited edition Sweet Oblivion series one KE70 T-shirts are available now!  Click here to place your order >> The Sweet Shop

It's just a fuzzy old photo of a magazine page..

..but oh my gawd so full of awesome!


Fresh threads

This is the test print I got back from the printers today and I'm really happy with the results! You may have heard rumours that I've been planning the Sweet Oblivion tees for a while now. From the very beginning I really wanted them to be a bit more special than the norm, with high quality printing on a high quality 100% cotton heavyweight tee. Since completing the designs, I've been on the hunt for a good place to get them made, and I today I found it!

Before I get my orders in to the printers I thought I'd share with you guys on here and see what feedback I get. I plan to have them printed on white and this special SO mint green colour. The price to buy them from the online SO shop will be appox. £22 and I have three designs to start the ball rolling, all my own bespoke line drawn illustrations: the KE70 you see above, a pair of coilovers and a very deep dish Hoshino Impul wheel.

Remember I'm not a big clothing company, I'm just a graphic designer who writes a car blog with a friend for like-minded folks like yourselves. Making the tees is not a big money making scheme for me by any stretch of the imagination. It's just a great creative outlet for myself and just like the stickers these tees will be limited edition, high quality runs.

Let me know what you think with a click of the "Like" button below, or a comment on the Facebook page.



Shuto Midnight

Some nice moody shots I found here Skorj/Magnesium.

This is raising the bar

Yesterday I was very excited to share a sequence of photos showing Daigo Saito's practice runs from D1 Round 5 Ebisu. Andy of Powervehicles had writen some very excited updates on his facebook "I have just seen the craziest shit in my life. Daigo saito and his flying mark 2 at Ebisu, wait for this folks! The bar has just been raised!" Since then I have been glued to his updates, yesterday came the photos and today a video! Saito's driving is simply on another level! Clearly all the seat time he has had in his now infamous missile car has paid off. Watching him throw his HUGE JZX100 over the hump of the Minami track, jumping and then drifting at maximum attack within inches of the wall is breathtaking and properly exciting to watch. The videos finale shows his well earned 100pt qualifying run. Amazing stuff. Big thankyous in Andy's direction for sharing with us!

Do a jump!


My Sunny disposition

My friend Adam shared with me this tiny pixely picture of a rather rad looking Sunny literally YEARS ago.. Tonight, during my ramble through the internets I stumble upon this great little video of some badical old Datsuns hooning about, and recognise it instantly. Wahey! Simple things eh!? Haha.

MAXXIS Tyres BDC Round 4: Donington Park

More great stuff from Stephen Brooks. I love the feel good vibe of this.

A glimpse

A great mood shot from Daniel and a subtle reminder to me of a car I really want to own. Freshly graduated with some great career prospects starting next week, I'm another step closer to owning my own two door Levin.