Graff'd engine bays are HOT!

Found at Rojasblog.

"Just when I thought I was out...

..they pull me back in."

I was thinking of selling the secret seven until this gangster looking E32 appeared on

The LS406's look great and with the sleeker lines of the E32, and with mine being harder slammed than that one, it would look amazing. I gotta go see uncle Joey bout some Works..

Hellaflush III

I wanna get to one of these meets. It would be a right mission traveling from the UK but, a chilled day with all those hot cars and hot girls in the hot California sun looks hellafun yo!

Great video as always from iPhilms.


Yeah, everyone has been posting pics from Hellaflush III. but, it wasn't until I checked out a new site,, that I saw a single picture of this awesome Datsun 510.

Come back fighting

The zombie is reborn again! Mike Burroughs of Stanceworks, has re-worked the e28 once more. This time with a WWII American fighter look. Rollin on work equips, with savage rear tuck, it's looking better than ever.

This car's journey with Mike began as mint e28 with clean black paint slammed on nice rims.

A small accident and lack of funds prompted it's first amazing make-over..

Since then the car has had a few tweaks to it's look but, this is by far my favourite incarnation.

The full build thread can be found on Stanceworks. Go check it out!


Just to torture me that little bit more..

Tasty skiddy X bodies pop up everywhere. Cock it.

Jack's redemption

I'm the first to admit I've given Jack a lot of, often well deserved, shit over the years about the state of the cars he's owned and "built" but he's really pulled it out of the bag with his new S13 daily drifter.

And he's not done yet with plans for a 326 power spoiler and some baller dishy wheels under way. We cant wait to see it done here at SO.

So I take my hat off to you Jack, you've done yourself and Demon Road proud!