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some more 90's cool.


I've been real busy lately and haven't had much time to post, so to make it up to Billy, who's been doing all the hard work, I've found him some awesome Cressys!

Shout to Jerry from Handsome Garage for the pics. These guys are making some awesome cars at the moment, I love the simple style.

One last look

A properly cool car and some frankly stunning last few photos of Rusty taken by owner, Mike Burroughs of StanceWorks. Personally I can't wait to see what he'll do next.

Full lock, full throttle

Where were you in '92?

While I was crashing my BMX this guy was taking his mind off the WENUS by rolling home from work in an X body on MK1s. Win!


Southern Style, Sex Pests, Demon Road.. I've lost track of what they're calling themselves these days. But, thankfully while they were faffin about with names for themselves, they didn't forget to make their cars awesome. Ya seeeee we can get it right in the UK sometimes. Good work boys.

Please note UK tyte cow in muddy field backdrop. Keeping it real yo. Which I like.

You'll be able to find build threads over on Driftworks.

Exclusivlyoinked from Daniel.

"Drifting is art, so expect a few scribbles and throw away sketches"

What a bloody awesome quote! It popped out like gangbusters while reading some fine literature over on Violent Running.

Just wanted to share is all. Oh that, and one of Matt's early scribbles..

Oopsie daisys.

Keep drifting fun

I've given up waiting for for We are Drift. It's turning into one endless cock tease.

Will Roegge and Joshua Herron are sure to deliver the goods and I'm loving this promo.


Abschiedsgruß baby

"I didn't know getting in to it that this e28 was going to become such a part of who I am. I changed the way I look at cars. It changed the way that people look at me. To many it was just another car on the bandwagon... and that's cool with me... but I never expected my car to become a conversation piece.... something to be argued over for pages and pages, month after month across the web. A magazine feature? Two? I had ever in my wildest dreams thought it would happen... after all, it was just a car.

Rusty was more than just a hipstermobile to me though. Rusty honestly led me to some of the greatest friendships I have today... scratch that.. ALL of the friendships I maintain today have some rooting involved with this stupid car. It's done more than drive me coast-to-coast, it has never let me down during any of it. This car is a champ- and I beat the hell out of it too.

Honestly, if it wasn't for Rusty, StanceWorks wouldn't be here. It simply wouldn't exist. "

- Mike Burroughs

An inspiration to us all. Farewell Rusty.

Billy's 2010: One to watch

I'm starting to get excited about the new drift season kicking off. There's some really good looking events planned for this year here in the UK, and the car I've got my eye on for this season is Tony's KE70.

It was kicking ass at events and practice days for last year or so with a 20v under the bonnet. But the boys went back to the spanners over the winter and it's re-emerged with a new heart in the shape of a F20C!

A lot of fine work has gone into this cars build from the very beginning, with attention spent in all the right places.

Just look how much bloody lock it has!

With this years BDC licensing day already under his belt Tony is all set to be chasing down and scaring the crap out of all the bigger toys that will be out to play. I can't wait to see it in action. Good luck for the season Tony! You're already winning on cool points.

Oh Hai!

Just because it's funny

Must have been a real brown trousers moment followed by one hell of a "Phew!" Ha ha!

Another way

Prompted by this beast, that popped up on HellaFlush, and my friend Sid talking about taking his new S13 in a "Boso" direction. I got thinking about another end of the Silvia styling spectrum.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very much a fan of cars scraping the floor, super clean paint, chasing perfect fitment, all in the pursuit of the elusive and almost undefinable.. "stance". 11.5 -37 on the rear of the car above is insane, and hats off to the guy for pulling it off. But, it strikes me, that car really is at the extreme, and perhaps we have reached the edge of how far you can take that look.

I can't help thinking of another way. One that I love perhaps even more, and is just as hard to get right. With a less transformer spec kit, small old school wheels and more than a hint of retro racing..

A little world of awesome

How much fun does this little track look!? Perfect for fun times in an 86 me thinks.

86 Flavours

There must be more than 86 ways to flavour and AE86. Until recent chats with friend Daniel, I didn't realise just how fussy I was with my taste. A 2-door Levin, low, with proper wheels, clean paint, a front lip and the grill in the bin, is definitely my favourite flavour.

There's no doubt Paz has built some of the sexiest 86s in the UK. Two of them were 2-doors, and exactly how I like them..

The red one had a little F20C shaped treat under the bonnet..

What's your favourite flavour?

Hey Man!

Sticking with the kick-ass AE86 team thang..

Hey Man! have a real cult status amongst 86 fans and this is a cool little video. It's simply fun times, dicking about with friends, wringing the neck out of a 4AGE! Love it.


a belated birthday present from my very good friend Daniel.

The boy done good!

Gone but not forgotten

We've just heard here in the UK of the sad news that Atsushi Kuroi was killed last night in a motorcycle accident in Japan.

Kuroi, who owned River Side tuning garage in Osaka, was an amazing influence on drifters all around the world because of his maximum attack driving style and crazy 650bhp+ S13, powered by an RB26 and more recently a 2JZ.

With good results and a win at Fuji raceway last season in D1GP, more wins and a championship were always going to follow. His balls out driving style has pushed drifting to whole new levels and since being in D1GP, everyone has had to up their game to match his awesome angles and entry speeds.

Here's why he was a crowd favourite, massive angle, massive speed and massive smoke!

RIP man. You've left your mark on drifting and won't be forgotten.


Yes, yes.. random as hell. But how fucking cool is that picture!?


Yeah, the blog has been hibernating for a month. Both Matt and I have had a manic month at uni with project deadlines and dissertations to write so the blog has taken a back seat for a bit. Needless to say we'll be back on form this week with interesting and inspiring things to share and some exciting plans for this year. Peace!