Wreck 'Em.

I got my mits on this at the weekend. Oozing gorgeous cars from down-under and a great soundtrack it has a proper laid-back feel.

Kick back, zone out and enjoy... and the moment it's finished get the itch to go driving.

If you're in UK you can grab your copy over at drifted.com.
If you're international grab yours here.

Reppin' good.

Hudson's doing it right.

 Great shot's from Daniel too, on a very dirty day...

Mallory wildlife.

Moose on the loose.
Pic from Chris Wiltowski.

No pain. No gain.

From the guys at Irony CC.

Only two left...

One Large.
One X-Large.
New Designs Coming Very Soon!
*Updated 28-2-2011 9:00am

Remember! These are strictly limited edition and will not be re-printed.

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"Her ass is a spaceship..

 ..that I want to ride."

I don't normally get excited about newer cars but, I'm loving this. Mostly because it looks like a spaceship to me. And I like spaceships. And ass.


Where the cool kids go to play...

Not a bad looking car in the bunch!

Way back when.

I dont wanna blow up...

...throughout every era I've been here. So far the underground circuit has been fair.

It's easier not to be brave.

It's just a car.

You're just a girl.

Badical #2

Purple haze