Have your cake and eat it

It was my birthday on Friday and my girlfriend Stacey made me this Sweet Oblivion cake. She's definitely a keeper!!

Go hard...

...or go home!

I'm still shocked at how wrong people get S13's and end up making them look scene or just plain shit. This one from darn'sarf, shows sometimes, simple is best.


Proper shonky video quality but some kick-ass Carinas and Corollas not being shy doing their thing.

SO thinking of Japan.

Everyone here at SO is thinking of Japan. Thankfully Billy's friend, Minami although upset, is safe as she lives in the lower islands of Japan. Our hearts go out to those less fortunate.

This is from the Team Orange blog and shows the devastation at Ebisu.


Last of the KE70..

tees! makes it way off to it's new owner. Which means... NEW tee and sticker designs are coming very soon !

Meanwhile.. I though perhaps you'd like to have a peek at some other drift related design I have been working on for pro drivers, Danielle Murphy and George Tilling – putting together their sponsorship proposal packs and such. Both of them have been a dream to work with and both deserve your support this year.

Logotype design for Danni.

Cover artwork with some 3D rendered type for George, using a great shot by Jord of Drifted.

Man up.

Sweet Oblivion infantry member, Anthony Barton's MX-5 made man spec. Good work soldier!