One step forwards, two steps back

Its been a long time coming.

For some time now, the Dtown kids have been out in the wilderness. Entering comps cost us all dear; building comp spec cars took the fun from it as we didn’t really have the money. Everyone's been through massive changes in their lives, be it finishing uni, changing jobs, waiting for driving bans to end, having to move from the area, buying a house or just having no money, drifting has taken a forced back seat. For me, finishing uni has taken over everything. I've owned some cool cars in the last three years but in the end they had to go to fund my education.

The time has come though, the gangs all here and we've taken it back a few years. Back to when drifting was fun.

A few years ago, we rolled in simple cars and enjoyed them to the full most nights out on the hills around derby. Everyone had simple, slammed, street tuned cars that were used hard. These cars were underpowered and taught us lots, like not to use the wand. Ever. To drive above and beyond. We'd meet up at night and not be home until the sun rose. Sometimes we even had a support van.

Well, we're going back to these simpler times.

With the rest of the Dtown kids back in E36 BMW's, Ford Sierra's and E30 BMW's, it was about time I went back to my battle weapon of choice.

So, let me introduce the murdered out swede.

Its a Volvo 360 GLT. With up rated induction and custom straight through exhaust, the 2lt engine makes around 130 bhp. Not a lot, but plenty for the street and for honing skills. Never lift.

Lowered on 2" lowering blocks and cut front springs, the suspension is getting over hauled in two weeks. New custom front springs, new thicker damper oil, 3" lowering blocks and uprated rear dampers. Rolling on weller steels, 13 x 8, -10 offset with 165/55/13 tyres and a welded diff.

A MK1 golf splitter is waiting to go on.

After the suspension is on, the plan is to use it as much as possible and fit a 2.3 turbo engine from a 940 over the winter.

This car is in great condition. On the inside is a bucket seat, harness, steering wheel, with the rear stripped and the sound deadening removed and a bang up-to date tape player.

The kids are back, and with whispers that the old streeto sessions are restarting, Dtown is back to it's best.