Drift Documentary: We are community. We are drift.

If you are into drifting you are sure to have stumbled upon and enjoyed one of Luke's videos. There are a few guys out there making some really great promo videos, Joshua Herron, Will Roegge and Clashproductions, immediately spring to mind. Luke however is pushing things that little bit further.

Passion. The word is a pet hate of mine. It gets thrown around and so watered down it's rarely used to describe anyone worthy. Luke however has it.. In shed loads. For the love of his life, Drifting and it's community within.

Your heart, like mine may have sunk a little after reading Matt's report below of his experience at the recent round of EDC. You start to wonder if people actually still get what drifting is and why they are doing it. Some drivers over here, obsessing with getting stickered up with sponsors and forever winging about having no money.. For fucks sake! Get the spanners out, see your friends, fix you car.. and learn how to drive it! Sorry. It's not like me to rant but, Jeeeeezus! Where was I? Oh yeah.. Passion. And Luke. He has it and "get's it." I'm really looking forward to seeing the results of his project. If his preview videos are anything to go by, it's going to be truely awesome.

You can see more of his work here, read his Running Life blog here and get all gooey inside reading about the project here.

Keep it up Luke.