X body drifters. The smallest gang in the world?

Just how silly an idea is this? Sure, I could make my Cressida a sweet street sleeper but, to make a decent drift car from a old grampa car? Hmmm.. There's not a whole lot of them out there. Even less of them see any spirted driving at a track or practice day. Often picked up as a budget option, the internet is littered with projects started, all with the best of intentions, that never see the light of day. Am I to enjoy an unexploited gem or spunk all my money on a turd? Rare and random, they are out there and serve as my inspiration..

In my head I imagine it fast, light and noisey. The long wheel base makes for smooth, predictable transitions.. Who knows. We'll just have to wait and see I guess.

I discovered this article taken from an old Drift Tengoku magazine ages ago. It has long since been my biggest inspiration. Give it a click to get closer..

SO cool! And hey, they're all smiling! I'm sold! HAHA

I'm staying realistic. Keepin' it real even! I'm not planning on building a comp spec car, I'm far from having the skill to be competitive. But, I do hope to build myself a cool and unique car that I can have fun in. After all, that's what we're all about here.