Dtown kidz, unite!

I thought it was time to introduce the guys we roll with, the extended family. Not a team as such, just some hard driving, hard partying friends who've come to be known as the Dtown Kidz.

Fat mike. An awesome driving talent but eternally poor, builds expensive car slaying BMWs on the tightest budgets. Trampdrift founder and Derbys most wanted.

Topi. The gangster of the group, the blackest white kids you ever met. Drifts to hip hop and the sound of a thrashed 4fag.

Jimthejunior. Old head on young shoulders. Pimp sierra.

Chunk. The demo king.

The elusive Moose. Rarely seen in pics or vids but always lurking. Builds once, builds right. The "Face-man" of the group.
The rarest shot of all, a pre green Moose S13.