Hats off to: Ryoji Takada..

..and his cool A55 Daihatsu Charmant.

There are a lot of things right with this car. Old school, subtle, clean, low, dishy equips and a highly tuned, high revving 4AGE. It's a bit of a unicorn car too. I only had a couple of pictures of it in my collection until very recently when some rare video footage of it in action surfaced on Driftworks. I gained a couple of extra pictures but was shocked to learn it's driver, Ryoji Takada, tragically died in an accident driving a truck. After some further research I learnt more about this very talented and well respected driver. The internet is dusted with touching tributes and respect for him and his style.
So here is my little tribute.. Ryoji Takada, hats off to you sir! R.I.P.