Introductions.. Matt


I'm Matt, Mattyboi to everyone. I'm at uni studying motorsport engineering. Like Billy, I'm a massive music, movie, car modifying and drifting fan. I've been drifting for five years, done a few comps, a few demos but mainly love just hanging out with my friends and drifting together.

I love oldskool looking drift cars, form over function or anything just plain cool. Low, fast and hardcore. Drifting's about building cool as fuck cars and being as badass on track as possible, MSC style!

I'm rocking an RX7 FC at the moment, Project Buster!

No mods so far and its going to be kept simple, boro style. Comfy, sounds, bucket, coilovers, welded diff and slammed on R33 GTR rims. Simple and effective streeto and track car. The car is a great base for a project, 36,000 miles from new and in mint condition. I'll keep you posted as I go, might take awhile as FC parts are like gold dust!!!