Favourite wheels: Billy

After chatting about lying awake at night thinking about wheels I thought I'd share my favourites. Everyone has theirs. These are mine. So in no particular order..

Hayashi Street
PanasportImpul Hoshino
Work Equip
I don't know what the hell these are called. I've only ever seen them on this super silhouette. I'm guessing they're SSR. Whatever they are they're amazing. Check out the rears! OOOF!
I think these are Work Ewing. Very similar to Weds Albino. Anyway.. LOVE THESE!
Techno Phantom
Barrels. Paz told me the full name once. My dumb ass forgot.
BBS oldschoolawesomatron4000

And these are some that I have owned..

Borbets. haha that's what the sink's for right?Umm.. think these were ATS or something
Work Equip 03and some Work S1 and Volk mesh.
I only do dish it seems! haha