Old whips: The long journey to Buster

So how does a guy get from a humble hatchback to a mint FC, begging to drifted, after a chance encounter with a drift event?

Here's how!

After selling my daily runaround and selling anything that wasn't nailed down i got myself a mint S13. Drifting has away of biting you in the ass so it didn't stay mint for very long!

After the crash it was time for a quick and easy paint job and some serious mods. Stage two engine and some choice suspension.

Ready to hit some comps, I miss the Teeside track so bad! Was the UK's Ebisu!

The black car was sold to make way for something more sensible as I'd started uni. Those plans went right out of the window and I built a engine swapped, bike carb Volvo 340! Awesome car, awesome noise, hunger for prop shafts.

A random look through the for sale section lead me to buy a sil80, the best car I ever owned! Power, sorted suspension, cool wheels. Proper.

Hit up some more comps, this one was awesome! Team comp at Lydd, drifting how it should be, friends drifting and partying the night away!

Bring on Buster!