Today's forecast..

Oh my god! What a gorgeous day today. Proper sunny, proper hot and it lasted all day. Cressylicious has been a little neglected for the last couple of weeks. I've been snowed under with uni work so very little progress has been made with the car. However! By some weird miracle at uni we have all been granted an extra day extension for our projects which effectively meant I gained a free day from no where. Result! That combined with the fact it's far too sunny to be stuck indoors staring at my mac.. and the bits I needed to fit the front wheels arrived..well, it was time to go play in the sunshine.

The digits as it stands at the mo are as follows.. 17x9 +30 at the rear and 17x9 -0 at the front (with the spacers) It's not perfect yet. I recon I'll shim the rear another 4mm as the clearance between the semi-trailing arm and wheel edge is too close for comfort and I need at least another 5mm on the spacers at the front to make it deathproof. That should end up at about +26 at the back and -5 at the front. There's plenty of room to be made at the front with the hammer on the arches as they are only slightly bashed in at the moment. Getting there though so I'm happy.