Road trippin..

Two blokes, one van, and bits of old Toyota to collect.

First stop, Extreme Performance in Leicester run by a fella called Keron.

With a steady stream of turbo swaps on mkIV Supras, he's tripping over unwanted 2JZGE engines. I took one off his hands, with an ecu and ancilleries. Annoyingly there had been some confusion in communication as it was not a front sump version that I really wanted. Some bartering on the price compensated for this and I was happy again. The engine came from a manual car too so had a manual ecu which was a bit of a bonus. With some jigging and a crane we got it in the back of Little Toe..

Just how we were gonna get it out at the other end? Well.. we'll worry bout that later haha.

Next stop was for the W58 gearbox supplied by a very helpful and thoroughly recommended Steve at Silverline Racing in Woverhampton.

Primarily a mkIII Supra tuner, he did have a nice range of cars he was working on. We got a quick tour and he showed off some of the in-house custom fabrication work he does.

His unit was cool and we were suitably impressed. Check out Matt's impressed face..

With the van getting heavier and space running out we had one stop left. The night before I'd found some scruffy but nicely cheap 17x9 Torques on Driftworks. I knew it was gonna be a squeeze but as we were out in the van I figured, what the hell! May as well get the lot in one hit! We arrived at Tanner's house greeted by a mega helpful and friendly Lucy. She sorted us out with the wheels and a couple of spare tyres too.

Counting hurts! haha. I'm so jealous of the cool work space they have for cars at their house.. and that they live so stupidly close to Santa pod!

We passed this on the way back. The coolest thing we saw on our travels..

Back at mine we got unloaded. With two of my house mates helping the four of us got the engine out of the van. It actually wasn't that heavy and hard to to move at all! Phew!

Not a bad haul me thinks.

Tongy, one of my housemates, got excited about the mighty JZ goodness haha.

Couldn't help doing a test fit of the wheels. So snug at the back! Love it! My offset guesstimation payed off. As predicted there are problems at the front clearing the coilovers but, no worries as there are spacers already on their way.

Big thanks to home slice Matt for sorting and driving the van on our epic collectinatin4000 road trip of JZ goodness.