S.O. Approved: DVDs

Two DVDs out now. Both worth your hard earned pennies.

First up, Touge Heroes Volume 1. The first of what promises to be a very exciting series. Redefining UK style and attitude towards driving and modifying cars. The style of filming, editing and music choices are all great and make for a tasty treat for the eyes and ears. Favourite moments for me are the opening Skyline sequence and the drifting at the top secret touge location.

Next is the latest Drift Alliance film, Stay Hungry. If you watch any skate videos you'll like and recognise the style and format of this film straight away. Each DA driver gets their own chapter, all with funny silly intros, to show off their best footage. If you like the DA cars and you're down with rock, tattoos and dicking about, you'll love this DVD. My absolute favourite part is during Michael Edward's small segment. The sequence is filmed at a sweet looking track and shot really well from both in and outside the car. Edward's driving style is super smooth and full on manfoot in and out of the twisty stuff. Awesomeness!

You can get Touge Heroes here and Stay Hungry here. The Touge Heroes DVD comes in some blingin packaging and Stay Hungry, although ordered from America, arrived in two days and cost no extra postage. Now that's service!