S.O. Approved: Gunni's E30

It might not look like much, but this crazy Icelandic dudes E30 is much more than your run of the mill beater. Much much more!!

Rolling on Strosek rims, mild tune suspension, uprated brakes and a plush 318is interior, it looks like a neglected toy with its rusty scuttle panel and lacquer peel. But delve deeper and you'll find the gold..

A stroked 2.5 ltr M20, using a 2.8 ltr crank, different rods and turbo charged with T4 from ITS in the USA. The turbo sits on a modified cast manifold, cut and welded to get the turbo into a nice position.

The car runs on VEMS engine managment, installed and mapped by Gunni, and is fitted with a dash mounted LCD read out giving all the vital information.

The car should run approx 400bhp when fully mapped at around 1 bar of boost. Sadly it won't be around for long because the engine is already sold and being shipped to Iceland so Gunni can start work on his next project, making BMW plug and play VEMS looms. Hopefully we'll get to go and make some smoke before the engine is shipped.