Billy's 2010: One to watch

I'm starting to get excited about the new drift season kicking off. There's some really good looking events planned for this year here in the UK, and the car I've got my eye on for this season is Tony's KE70.

It was kicking ass at events and practice days for last year or so with a 20v under the bonnet. But the boys went back to the spanners over the winter and it's re-emerged with a new heart in the shape of a F20C!

A lot of fine work has gone into this cars build from the very beginning, with attention spent in all the right places.

Just look how much bloody lock it has!

With this years BDC licensing day already under his belt Tony is all set to be chasing down and scaring the crap out of all the bigger toys that will be out to play. I can't wait to see it in action. Good luck for the season Tony! You're already winning on cool points.