Abschiedsgruß baby

"I didn't know getting in to it that this e28 was going to become such a part of who I am. I changed the way I look at cars. It changed the way that people look at me. To many it was just another car on the bandwagon... and that's cool with me... but I never expected my car to become a conversation piece.... something to be argued over for pages and pages, month after month across the web. A magazine feature? Two? I had ever in my wildest dreams thought it would happen... after all, it was just a car.

Rusty was more than just a hipstermobile to me though. Rusty honestly led me to some of the greatest friendships I have today... scratch that.. ALL of the friendships I maintain today have some rooting involved with this stupid car. It's done more than drive me coast-to-coast, it has never let me down during any of it. This car is a champ- and I beat the hell out of it too.

Honestly, if it wasn't for Rusty, StanceWorks wouldn't be here. It simply wouldn't exist. "

- Mike Burroughs


An inspiration to us all. Farewell Rusty.