Another way

Prompted by this beast, that popped up on HellaFlush, and my friend Sid talking about taking his new S13 in a "Boso" direction. I got thinking about another end of the Silvia styling spectrum.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very much a fan of cars scraping the floor, super clean paint, chasing perfect fitment, all in the pursuit of the elusive and almost undefinable.. "stance". 11.5 -37 on the rear of the car above is insane, and hats off to the guy for pulling it off. But, it strikes me, that car really is at the extreme, and perhaps we have reached the edge of how far you can take that look.

I can't help thinking of another way. One that I love perhaps even more, and is just as hard to get right. With a less transformer spec kit, small old school wheels and more than a hint of retro racing..