BDC Round 4 Norfolk Arena: Part 2

So I'm gonna pick up where Billy left off.. Norfolk Arena on the Sunday morning. The weather was holding and the sun even came out, a rare thing in Norfolk!

First up was a walk around the pits to catch up with friends of S.O. Morning practice had caused a few machine failures. Every Superslide car (Sid's team) had something minor wrong with it but they were soon out on track.

Team Green's Matt Carter was driving a car made from borrowed parts, the shell, the body kit, the wheels, the engine and running gear. The whole car was made from Team Green spares as his own car wasn't ready in time for the competition. An awesome example of a team pulling together in times of need and also great to see the love it or hate it "Yoshio Factory" make another appearance, perhaps before it's broken once and for all.

As the comp the day before was held way into the dark of the night, a lot of drivers fitted some normally hated neons. Its okay for a night drift I guess but duck taping a pound shop neon strip light to your sun strip is pikey as fuck! LOL Either do it right or don't Danny.

Sunday's team comp was won by Team Green who were miles ahead of anyone else. It was defo a comp of two halves, Team Green and everyone else. The divide was that big!

The other teams were struggling to get as close as the Team Green guys, either through lack of practice, bravery or other issues like, they didn't go in the right order or hadn't planned how each corner was to be taken. For example, the first two cars of team green flicked into the first corner where Polo at the back didn't. He held back and caught up right at the start of the first corner by using more entry speed. Another noticeable point was their overall speed. They went fast and built up speed, where a lot of the other teams first drivers went full bore and left the other team mates lagging behind.

All those quibbles aside, the team event was great and with every team getting stronger throughout the day the next one should prove to be even better.

These are some fantastic action shots of the Team Green guys borrowed from Ross at DORISTARS.COM.

Alan Green, Matt Carter and Paul "Polo" Cheshire.

Over all the weekend was another BDC success. What the track at Norfolk Arena lacks in speed and size, it makes it up for with close driving, good facilities and a great atmosphere and environment for spectators, proven I feel, by the numbers that attended Saturday night.

Roll on the final round of BDC!