JDM Allstars Wembley 2009: Teaser

Today I went and watched the practice and qualifying for the main event tomorrow. I had a cool day catching up with friends and had a good mooch about, checking out the impressive line up of cars that were taking part. The track layout is a vast improvement over last years set-up. It's pretty fast and allows for some nice wall kissing moments. There are some pretty huge yet smooth bumps at both the entry and final corners which are pretty entertaining. One AE86 was managing to get all four wheels off the ground in mid-transition.

I spent the best part of the day hanging out with friend of SO, Sid Crowfoot, top bloke and driver of one of the coolest cars there. Blame me for this silly picture..

"Look gangsta!" I said. Sorry dood. LOL

The qualifying runs were really showing the skill differences in the drivers and the ones having most success were driving hard and consistent. Sid was worried he was a little rusty after next-to no practice this season but put in consistent, clean, fast, smooth runs that earned him a final qualifying position of 5/6.. Can't remember exactly what it was.

The best part of the day for me were the practice sessions. With several cars out at once all hooning around it's a lot more fun.

You can see Sid and his JZX90 bunny hop over one of the huge bumps at the end of this clip.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying the day with a good track, good weather and a pretty chilled and well organised set up by the JDM Allstars crew that was getting the best out of the drivers.

More pictures and videos of the main event tomorrow.. tomorrow!
I can't wait. (Please don't rain!)