Club Outrun: MeZ Productions

I love the vibe of this video. Some of Mez's work appeared on the SO blog a while back. I thought perhaps things had gone quiet on the production front but, from what I can gather that's not the case at all and he's just been busy filming in Japan.

"I basically made this video to show the boys at Club Outrun, that yes I did film!!

I am slowly in the process of trying to make a DVD from the trip which will be made available to the public. I knew that would take ages so instead of making the boys wait I made this quick and basic edit for them to watch."

I love the quick and basic edit and can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the full DVD when it is released. We'll be sure do a full SO review when it is.

There's a lot of tasty AE86s in this video and a light dusting of X body's too, which is always good to see. Enjoy!

MeZ Productions on Vimeo