X Body Spots

This rad little video popped up on the excellent Fatlace™ the other day. Good skids and tunes courtesy of Mos Def.

"Yeah so!?" you say. You're a cool kid and you've already seen it. However! Around the 2:00 minute mark and for only a few seconds you see a MX73 parked up with the others.

Yeay! says me. It's always cool to see X body drifters out there. It gives me that little bit more motivation to get mine rolling.

Sadly you don't get to see it action in the video above but, after some rummaging around on the web I found these shots taken by Jay of Speedzoku.com

Pretty cool! If you click on his link at the bottom of his blog entry it takes you to the gallery where I found these. There's some really nice shots in there like these.

If you or anyone you know out there drifts one of these beasts right now give me a shout! I'd love to here from you.