An oldie.. but a goodie..

Here's an old promo video from way back that I'd forgotten all about. It nicely answers the question that friends always ask.. "Drifting?! What the fuck is that?" If you're feeling lazy just show them this. The explanation that Darren McNamara gives is so simple and clear it actually makes drifting sound sensible Haha!

The now legendary Kazama Vs McNamara battle is discussed in part two. I think it's fair to say that one battle alone was responsible for boosting Darrren McNamaras career and driver profile through the roof. And rightly so! Anyone able to go up against the all dominating Japanese champion of the time and give him a real run for his money deserves the props they get. And the drift geek in me was there watching it happen! I remember the feeling so well. All the European guys were pretty much having there asses handed to them by the Japanese. Amazing to watch but with a sinking feeling inside that the home team were just cannon fodder. And then it came to Kazama Vs McNamara. Darren had driven the best out of all the Europeans but he was up against Kazama, Japanese champion, amazing driver, never makes mistakes. Oh well I thought.. But then.. As the battle unfolds "Is he.. he is.. HE'S ON HIM.. HE'S FUCKING ON HIM.. YEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Me and my girlfriend at the time, both screaming our tits off in excitement. Haha! It was amazing. I think that could be the moment I fell in love with drifting. Some screaming was involved with falling in love with the girlfriend too I'm sure, but that's another story that would required some J├Ąger.

I just found these pictures I took in the depths of my hard drive. I feel kinda privileged to have seen those old Japanese D1 cars now. In the flesh, in England!

Good times.