JDM Allstars Wembley 2009: Friends and photos

It seems silly to do a write up on the event seeing as it was over a week ago now and the video I posted yesterday really captures the feel of the event perfectly.

But what I will say, and I'm not alone in my thinking of this, is that this could be the best drifting event that Europe has seen so far. The level of skill and commitment shown by the drivers at JDM Allstars was high, real high! Which rubbed off on everyone involved. The crowd got to see some really exciting stuff while the drivers got to do what they enjoy most, surrounded by talent from around Europe in a chilled but well organised event where everyone was there to just have fun.

I had a great time catching up and hanging out with friends watching some of the best drifting I have seen in a long time! And to quote our friend Daniel "There's nothing like hanging out with mates cheering on some sick drifting!"

Daniel hooked up with Sweet Oblivion for these exclusive shots from the event that you won't see anywhere else.

You'll find the rest of his awesome photos from the event on his flickr here and here.

Roll on the next round of JDM Allstars!!