Lowness: a terrible disease

If you're infected like I am, you find yourself endlessly typing on car forums "you just need to lower it a bit more" or "more low!" or "fucking hell mate! you going for 4x4 spec or what!?" you hear yourself spouting useless phrases to your friends as they show a face of concern at the noise coming from the bottom of your car when they catch a ride with you "if you're not scraping.. you're not trying" you say, with a demented grin on your face.

But there is something incredibly satisfying and ultimately badass about a car with the proper ride height and wheel fitment. To the point where a car can be a rusty ratty shit heap and still out cool anything shiny and expensive parked next to it. Hell! There's websites out there like Hellaflush, Rimtuck and Wheelwhores dedicated purely to this ultimately foolish pursuit. So take solace that there are plenty of sufferers just like you out there.

Some say there is a magic formula.. Wheel rims flush with the wheel's arch, ample tyre stretch and at least 1/3 of your tyre side wall tucked..

(my own pic no less. D1 visiting Silverstone 200oanssomething.. 6 I think. Yeah. I was there bitches.. and the year before. Cue dorky fan picture)

Anyway.. The easy way for me to tell if the car/height/fitment is right is that it doesn't make me itch. There's no niggly voice in the back of my brain saying "it's just not quite right.. if only it was a little more.." none of that. just silence and a warm feeling of satisfaction.

So I present to you a collection of photos and cars that in my opinion appease the ill effected. Find peace and tranquillity in the following. Perhaps return here for nourishment after any particularly itchy car of fail cake ride height you may find on your internet travels.

(more about that very special car soon)

and I'll sneak in some euro goodness too me thinks.

ahhhh all better ^_^ that was a good fix.