This is raising the bar

Yesterday I was very excited to share a sequence of photos showing Daigo Saito's practice runs from D1 Round 5 Ebisu. Andy of Powervehicles had writen some very excited updates on his facebook "I have just seen the craziest shit in my life. Daigo saito and his flying mark 2 at Ebisu, wait for this folks! The bar has just been raised!" Since then I have been glued to his updates, yesterday came the photos and today a video! Saito's driving is simply on another level! Clearly all the seat time he has had in his now infamous missile car has paid off. Watching him throw his HUGE JZX100 over the hump of the Minami track, jumping and then drifting at maximum attack within inches of the wall is breathtaking and properly exciting to watch. The videos finale shows his well earned 100pt qualifying run. Amazing stuff. Big thankyous in Andy's direction for sharing with us!