Fresh threads

This is the test print I got back from the printers today and I'm really happy with the results! You may have heard rumours that I've been planning the Sweet Oblivion tees for a while now. From the very beginning I really wanted them to be a bit more special than the norm, with high quality printing on a high quality 100% cotton heavyweight tee. Since completing the designs, I've been on the hunt for a good place to get them made, and I today I found it!

Before I get my orders in to the printers I thought I'd share with you guys on here and see what feedback I get. I plan to have them printed on white and this special SO mint green colour. The price to buy them from the online SO shop will be appox. £22 and I have three designs to start the ball rolling, all my own bespoke line drawn illustrations: the KE70 you see above, a pair of coilovers and a very deep dish Hoshino Impul wheel.

Remember I'm not a big clothing company, I'm just a graphic designer who writes a car blog with a friend for like-minded folks like yourselves. Making the tees is not a big money making scheme for me by any stretch of the imagination. It's just a great creative outlet for myself and just like the stickers these tees will be limited edition, high quality runs.

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