What really grinds my gears

After getting back from the never lift drift day to find this all over the back of my car......

I knew something was abit, erm, broken.

So up she goes and I'm greeted with this nice big hole in my diff casing!

The crown wheel was badly scoured to, but as it was just around the edge its fine for now.

The worst part was cleaning the diff out to find this nice little hand full!

So with the diff cleaned out and the damaged double checked I had to fix it fast. I'd been invited to the Redline magazine performance test day in two days time. I managed to find another gearbox and diff combo, as they are one unit on the Volvo 340/360 range, but I didn't have time to collect and fit it.

That left only one option. Chemical metal. It wasn't an ideal fix but it held the oil and when the diff was rebuilt it span fine with no bearing damage and would last the Redline magazine day and give me enough time to collect the new gearbox and diff.

So with the car back in one piece I was ready for for an early start and a day at Santa Pod driving the handing course and running the strip.