SO Mint!

Time for a refresh. I thought the previous identity design wasn't quite capturing the feel of Sweet Oblivion. As some of you may or may not know, by day well.. by most of the night too, I'm a (final year) graphic design student. The previous logo was a mash up of various fonts. The new logo is my own completely bespoke design. The idea behind the design is to capture the very essence of some of the silly things we all like to do with cars. The swooping elements of the letter forms echo the shapes of a well executed driving line just clipping the apex of a corner, or the perfect drift a hairs breath from the track wall. I have always had massive love and respect for Japanese tuning styles. It has certainly been a constant inspiration for myself and friends. So I also wanted to capture the feel of old school Japanese street team stickers, not just in the style but, the did they mean that to sound kinda rude? wording too. Oh, and the green is now a minty fresh one too.

Limited run, vinyl stickers are now available from
The NEW Sweet Shop.
And I have some T Shirt designs on the way too :)