She sounds fat

My idea of what a Porsche was and the kind of person who'd own one stems from a childhood memory of a friend of my Dad, Ray. Ray worked with my Dad in the same graphic design house he was, hanging on to the last threads of the eighties dream with his slicked back hair, leather jacket, chasing and charming anything young in a skirt in the office and always driving a porker.. basically Quagmire in human form. Haha! His and my ideas of all a Porsche could be, could not be from further from what we see here.

Any self respecting petrol head will be familiar with the frankly BADASS cars that Rauh Welt build over in Japan and will have certainly had there OOF gland tickled by the Natty Dread.

I stumbled upon this particular Porsche in a set of pictures from a Rauh Welt customer car meet in Japan. I can't fault it at all. The styling, that seems so simple, is perfectly executed, and tells you it's all business underneath. Anyway.. less talk, more pork.