Ghetto Vent-oh no

A few weeks ago I met up again with Bryce, friend of SO and owner of the super slammed Vento we featured last year. I'd not seen him, or the car for ages, and I wasn't expecting its new look.

The first striking mods are to the front lights. After blacking them out with tinting film, Bryce found that the headlights were shocking, so a set of HIDs were fitted.

Next up were some new shoes. These ATC split rims came to Bryce in a bad way, but a refurb and some paint soon had them looking fresh. The new wheels also raised the car 7.5mm (really, he measured!) so he lowered it back down to how it was before. The final, and not so noticeable, mod is a pair of front wings to replace the battered originals. As the wheels used to catch, these were flared before paint to ensure no scrubbing.

Only a few days after finishing the new look, Bryce was out and about when he was cut up by another driver. Both he and the car in front took avoiding action, but sadly Bryce ran into the other innocent car.

I've not seen Bryce since he sent me these pictures, but the last I heard was that the car was written off.

RIP Ghetto Vent-low.