S.O. Life: 365 days

On Saturday my girlfriend, Stacey and I had our first anniversary and to celebrate she had booked us in to a restaurant but wouldn't tell me where. It turned out to be a new place right near my house called, Moon sha. Its a Japanese restaurant that does Sushi, has a karaoke bar upstairs and most importantly does Teppanyaki!!

Teppanyaki is basically you sitting on your butt around the grill while the chef cooks everything fresh in front of you and makes it a bit of a show at the same time.

First off the chef flamb├ęs the grill.

Then he cooks your egg fried rice, bean shoots and all your meat. I had steak, swordfish, scallops and BBQ chicken and Stace had king prawns, salmon and chicken. We both got an awesome mi-so soup to!

Oh, and I love Asahi beer!

Eating with chop sticks, I got it nailed son!

Here's a video of the chef juggling eggs, I love the way he cracks them into the bowl!

And one of the flameau!

After the meal we headed out for some cocktails. Teppanyaki followed by White Russians: The perfect night!

I think the SO Christmas party has to be at the Teppanyaki grill followed by karaoke!

The next night we headed into town for a ride on the Derby wheel.

At 100ft it's high enough to see the whole of the city.

The view of the town hall from the very top.

The reflection of the wheel in the windows of the new Quad building (an art gallery and cinema in Derby) was amazing.

Where's wally?

Roll on the next anniversary.. I can't wait!