Swarve Oblivion

Sweet Oblivion stickers. The choice of champions and gentlemen around the world. Haha gotta love that silly photo of Dan, who is sporting a full set of the Sweet Oblivion stickers on his drift car. (photo by Ross Lanson)

Orders for my designs have come in from every edge of the planet including England, Wales, Ireland, Germany, New York, California, Canada, Australia.. I couldn't be happier with the response to Sweet Oblivion stickers going on sale. As a humble graphic design graduate, and as one of the writers of this little blog, it really does feel good to know that a lot of cool kids out there get what we are about here at Sweet Oblivion and want to support and represent us with a sticker on their whip.

Thank you all for your orders and support, with special thanks to Jord and Alex of Drifted, Daniel Bridle of Motormavens, Dan Chapman of Driftworks, Rich Hudson of Okishima! and last but not least my favourite sticker man Dan Verge.

I'm down to the last few of each design now so get your order in quick if you want some thing sweet and sticky in your life!

Buy your Sweet Oblivion stickers here

The photos above are just a handful I've found. We'd love it, if you have found any pictures or links, to please share them with us by loading them onto the wall of the Sweet Oblivion facebook page.